The Eight Most Fun and Delicious Ways on How to Eat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese: you either love it or hate it. Still, it is undeniably one of the healthiest ways to add some protein and dairy into your daily menu. In fact, it is recommended by the American Heart Association that individuals must consume at least 2-3 servings of non-fat or low-fat dairy each day.

Cottage cheese definitely fits that qualification. There are many varieties available, but try to stick to the cottage cheeses which are made from non-fat or 1% milk.

Cottage cheese borders on the savory side of cheeses, and you can have it different ways. Here are the most fun ways on how to eat cottage cheese:

#1: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: With Bread, as a Spread

how to eat cottage cheese with bread as a spread

Simply use cottage cheese instead of cream cheese or high-fat butter when you’re having toast. You can also have it with a morning bagel. Add some of your favorite fruit jam to make a full and hearty breakfast.

#2: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: Cook with Eggs

Some people add American or cheddar cheese when cooking their eggs. You can use cottage cheese instead without losing any of the rich flavors.

how to eat cottage cheese: cook with eggs

1. Scramble one egg and fry it in a pan.

2. Before removing it, add some of the cottage cheese. Watch as it melts slowly.

3. Then, simply place it on a piece of bread or tortilla and top it off with some salsa to complete your meal.

When making a breakfast burrito or an egg sandwich, you can add cottage cheese as well.

#3: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: Making Pancakes

By adding cottage cheese, your pancakes can become all the more moist.

how to eat cottage cheese making pancakes

1. Mix cottage cheese, lemon zest, sugar, butter, flour, and eggs in a bowl.

2. Once mixed thoroughly, cook on a griddle pan.

3. Flip and serve when done on both sides.

4. You can have it with syrup or fruit, too.

#4: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: With a Side of Fruit

How to Eat Cottage Cheese: With a Side of Fruit

This is the simplest and most common ways of enjoying cottage cheese. This is ideal for summer lunches or everyday breakfasts. You can pick any fruit of your choice, such as sliced bananas, mixed berries, slices of peach, chunks of pineapples, chunks of melon, slices of apples, and even applesauce.

#5: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: Combined with Nut Butter

how to eat cottage cheese combined with nut butter

1. Mix half a cup of cottage cheese with 1 tbsp of nut butter (your favorite brand will do).

2. Spread this on crackers or toast.

3. You can also stuff the mixture into celery.

#6: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: Whip Up Smoothies

how to eat cottage cheese: whip up smoothies

Simply blend some cottage cheese into your favorite smoothie recipe to get even more protein into your diet. Then, you can enjoy this at home or on the go!

#7: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: Make Creamy Pasta

how to eat cottage cheese: make creamy pasta

This is perfect for lasagna, baked ziti, baked pasta with zucchini, and spaghetti. Use cottage cheese instead of ricotta or other cheeses.

1. Mix the cottage cheese into cooked pasta.

2. See as it gets melted and becomes creamy.

3. Add some fresh ground pepper.

4. Serve.

#8: How to Eat Cottage Cheese: More Healthy & Creamy Cravings

The possibilities are endless. Here is some snack you can have with cottage cheese:

How to Eat Cottage Cheese: More Healthy & Creamy Cravings
  • Drizzle some honey with cottage cheese. Add some granola. You can have this as a healthy snack alternative throughout the day.
  • You can also just crumble up some graham crackers and add bits of cottage cheese for a tasty and simple snack.
  • You can add cottage cheese in your next pumpkin pie spice shake for added flavor and protein.
  • Slice up some apples. Add cottage cheese on top and sprinkle with cinnamon - ideal for snacks or for breakfast.
  • Use cottage cheese for making hearty dips instead of using sour cream. Pour some into a food processor. Add a small amount of hot water (to help make the cheese creamier). Blend until you get the desired dip consistency. Use this for all sorts of snacks, like chips and pretzels.
  • Here’s a real healthy treat: season your cottage cheese with whatever spice blend you like. You can then eat this as a spread on top of whole grain crackers or even on vegetables.
  • Or - Stir in the cottage cheese with tuna, canned shrimp, or chopped celery instead of using mayonnaise. Now you have the perfect hearty and protein-rich spread for your crackers, bread, and vegetables!

 There are about a thousand ways to enjoy cottage cheese. Really, the sky is the limit. As long as you have a good sense of culinary imagination, you shouldn’t run out of things to cook or partner it with. The best thing about cottage cheese is that it is super healthy and good for you. This means you can always have more.

Which of the above ways on how to eat cottage cheese do you love the best? Do you have other ideas in mind ?

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