How to Store Green Onions and Keep Them Fresher, Longer

Don’t you just love it when you have fresh green onions available at your beck and call whenever? However, many cooks and moms all around the world share one tiny problem about green onions and scallions (their younger and milder variant): they don’t do well with simply being kept in the fridge.

Sure, you can refrigerate them. But just after one or two days in there, they already start wilting, losing their fresh green vibrancy, and turning brown. Of course, it goes without saying that they lose their crisp freshness and delicious flavor as well. If you wait even longer, they’ll turn into mush. Ick!

how to store green onions by fridge

The good news, though, is that kitchen geniuses from all over have come up with easy, simple, and effective solutions. Now, you can find out how to store green onions properly. Say goodbye to the feeling of guilt whenever you throw an unused, uneaten bunch of wilted onions to the trash.

Before we learn how to store green onions, here are some tips that we can all apply when tending to green onions in general.

Regrowing Green Onions

Regrowing Green Onions

If you’ve already cut green onions and later realize that you won’t be using all of them, don’t fret. You can simply take them and place them in water-filled jar. Make sure the water covers their roots. Place the jar in a window sill and keep adding water if it gets low. You’ll see that they will keep on growing for a number of weeks.

This will give you valuable time to keep them alive and fresh until you use them again. Of course, this is not infinitesimal - after more than a few cutting, regrowing, and recutting, they will begin to lose crispness and flavor.

Bring Them Back to Life

First regrowing and now - resurrecting? It all sounds too SyFy for many, but trust us, this is effective. This is a great tip for green onions that have already gone limp after a bit of time. Wouldn’t it be just great if you can revitalize them? And no, we’re not talking about fancy machinery or harmful chemicals to accomplish this. In fact, it’s all very simple. All you need is ice water.

Put simply, this involves SHOCKING the onions back to life. Vegetables in general turn limp because moisture is lost. Soaking them in a bowl of ice water for a good half hour or less can be all you need to shock them back to life. This restores moisture and gives the onions their luster and vibrancy back.

Smarter Storage Solutions

If regrowing or ice-shocking is not an option for you, then you can try these effective ways on how to store green onions.

#Method 1: Paper and Plastic

This is perhaps the easiest method you can do. If you simply want to store the green onions without facilitating growth, then do this. Wrap them in a damp paper towel. Place this inside a plastic bag. Finally, store this in the fridge. Make sure that the paper towel is just DAMP. It must not be wet. It mustn’t be dry, either. It should be damp.

how to store green onions by paper and plastic

If you need to keep them longer but the paper becomes too wet, replace it with a damp paper towel. Similarly, if it dries out, replace with a damp paper towel.

#Method 2: Water and Plastic

how to store green onions by water and plastic

You can place the green onions in a glass jar that is partially filled with water - do not totally submerge the onions. Just add enough water to soak them. Then, cover the jar with a plastic bag instead of the jar’s lid. Store the jar in the fridge. If you need them for longer, you can replace the water in the jar every two or three days.

#Method 3: Freezing in Plastic

Of course, when in doubt, you can always freeze (almost) anything. Be sure the onions are washed properly. Dry them and chop them into slices. Place them in a plastic bag with a resealable lock. Store this in the freezer.

If you are cooking a dish and need your frozen green onions, be sure to take them out of the freezer only when you’re about to use them. They only take seconds to defrost. Taking them out earlier than necessary can turn them mushy.

Green onions are found in some of the most decadent dishes in almost all types of cuisines. Of course, no one likes anything to turn into waste. So if you’ve got extra bundles or slices of green onions after preparing a dish or meal, follow the advice given above on how to store green onions properly and safely without losing their color and flavor.

Feel free to share this information with your mom, sisters, and friends. Thanks to this lifehack, we won’t ever have to throw away unused and uneaten green onions ever again!

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